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Display Week on Demand, Content available until September 17, 2021. To register, click the button on the upper right of the screen.


The Society for Information Display welcomes you to virtual Display Week 2021, our 58th International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition, taking place May 17 to May 21. If you have not already had the chance to register, please do so by clicking the orange button in the banner at the top of this page. This year marks our second virtual event. Although we are disappointed that the pandemic has once again prevented us from meeting face to face, we are pleased to be able to offer a high-quality technical event that leverages the experience we gained from hosting last year’s show. Display Week 2021 will offer the on-demand technical content that was so popular in 2020 as well as new opportunities to interact with friends and colleagues.

Like last year, a mix of short courses, seminars, and symposium presentations organized by subject area will be offered each day. The 2021 symposium features 69 technical sessions consisting of 282 oral presentations (approximately 98 of which are invited) and 115 poster presentations. More than a quarter of the submissions represent two categories: OLEDs and Active-Matrix Devices, followed closely by a strong showing in the Emissive, MicroLED, and Quantum-Dot category. There are papers of interest in all areas. The program committee is especially pleased that despite COVID-19, we have continued to draw high-quality presentations from around the world: For example, we’re publishing 119 papers from China, 70 from the U.S., and 65 from Korea.

This year we have five short courses offering deep dives into the following technologies: Fundamentals of TFTs for Active-Matrix Displays, Fundamentals of Display Metrology, AI and Machine Learning for Displays: Introduction, Theory, and Applications, Fundamentals of OLEDs and Applications, and MicroLED Displays: Fundamentals and Challenges. Our 15 seminars cover a wide range of topics, including reflective e-Paper, outdoor displays, skin-inspired organic electronics, wearable display “textiles,” OLED encapsulation, light-field displays, quantum dots, and much more.

Each year, SID's technical program team designates special topics of interest based on the latest areas of progress and intensity. For 2021, we’re offering special presentation tracks that cover technologies and applications in the areas of AR, VR, and Mixed Reality; High‐Dynamic‐Range Displays; Machine Learning for Displays; and Internet of Things (IoT) Displays. We have added author interviews to the lineup this year, so you will be able to interact in real time with many of the presenters. You’ll also be able to view Exhibitors’ Forum presentations – short takes in specific product/technology areas offered by our 2021 exhibitors. Once again, SID will be making the technical program, exhibits, panels, etc. available to registered users for four months after Display Week – so there is plenty of time to take in as many papers as you like.

Outside the technical program, there are, of course, many other events to enjoy at Display Week. We hope you will enjoy some intriguing new demos on the virtual exhibit floor, and also take in our much-anticipated keynote sessions. The always-engaging Women in Technology panel and CEO Forum are returning, as is another important highlight, the Business Conference, which offers expert discussion and forecasts for key industry markets.

Thank you for being a part of Display Week 2021!

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